Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK

Paintbox Yarns is a fairly new brand, only available from LoveCrochet. It comes as acrylic in DK, Aran and Chunky weights, and Cotton as DK. All weights come in a very generous array of shades, from soft pastels to eye-popping brights and a nice choice of neutrals.

I originally bought several skeins of Cotton DK for a blanket project. However, the yarn is quite a fine DK and not really suitable for such a big projects. So it sat on my shelves waiting for me to find a better use.

When I did start hooking, I fell in love almost immediately. Some cotton yarns can be quite harsh on your hands, but Paintbox Cotton DK is soft to the touch while keeping enough stiffness to make this yarn ideal for home projects such as storage boxes and accessories such as bags (I went for the latter.)

It’s not mercerised, which gives it a lovely, natural look and means it slips off your hook rather than slide as I find mercerised cotton does. This makes it very easy to work with, especially for those with hand or wrist problems like myself. It crochets fine with a 4mm hook, though I did find that it split occasionally when using a 3.5mm one.

All in all, I highly recommend Paintbox’s Cotton DK and am looking forward to trying their other ranges.

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