Why I’m Not Posting

A couple of weeks ago, I was out on my motorbike when the car in front came to a complete and sudden stop in the middle of the road. Unprepared for this stupidity, I went into the back of it. It wasn’t terrible high speed (10-15 mph) so I wasn’t badly injured. Or so I thought.

As the afternoon went on, my right wrist got more and more sore. Some interesting bruising came out. I finally gave in and got H to take me to the hospital. There, after some time and two sets of X rays, I was diagnosed with a break of the scafoid – the little bone at the base of the thumb.

I was put in a temporary cast to allow for swelling and sent home. A few days later, the temporary cast was replaced by a solid one and now I’m in plaster for another four weeks. Yes, I am counting down the days! Not being able to crochet (and yes, I have tried) is driving me scatty! Especially as there’s a few CALs kicking off right now, not to mention the pattern design I have in mind.

Ah well. It could have been a lot worse – even the damage to my motorbike is minimal – and if nothing else, the house is getting clean, since housework is something I can do left-handed. And maybe it’ll teach me patience.

But I doubt it.

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