Pippa’s Unicorn Hat

HOTH is this fabulous unicorn hat/scarf, designed by The Velvet Acorn, as a commission for fellow author and good friend Pippa Jay! Apologises for the slightly naff photos – it’s very hard to photograph black yarn!

I made it with Sirdar Smudge – a 100% acrylic super chunky yarn that feels like chenille – in black for the main part and pale grey-blue for the horn. I also incorporated Red Heart Reflective into mane and scarf fringing. This yarn has a reflective strand wound through that makes the yarn “glow” when light hits it.

This was a pretty quick project to crochet – in fact adding the fringing took longer! – and was pretty fun once I got used to the mammoth hook. The only set back was that Smudge isn’t a firm yarn, so the ears didn’t stand up properly. I got some stiff black felt and sewed that to the insides and hey presto! – upright ears.

Pippa in her hat!

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