Sophie’s Universe by Dedri Uys

Sophie’s Universe by Dedri Uys
Published by Scheepjes
Pages: 216
Source: Wool Warehouse
Price: £16.95

Sophie’s Universe was a crochet along (CAL) created by Dedri Uys and released bit by bit in 2016. The absolutely stunning blanket gained fans around the world, who begged Dedri for a hard copy of the pattern, who begged Scheepjes, and this is the result.

This is not a small book. It’s roughly A4 size and 216 pages thick. It’s wonderfully made with tons of colour photographs printed on glossy paper. And the detail! Dedri has ensured crocheters can follow the pattern with lots and lots of photos of each round, showing you exactly how to create the stitches.

There’s also “tasks” for those new to the pattern to get involved in what’s become quite the community. These are spaced out amongst the parts and involve you taking a photo of your Sophie in a variety of locations and uploading to Twitter, Instagram, and/or the CAL Facebook group along with a hashtag (which varies by task.) It’s really lovely to see so many Sophie’s in so many different colour schemes, as well as plenty in the original ones.

At the back of the book are lined pages for you to make notes, including two for writing down your colours if you decide to create your own scheme. However, you’d be a braver person than I if you dare to ‘spoil’ the book like this!

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