Summertime Shopper, H&L Style

So this is what I used my Paintbox Cotton DK (reviewed here) on:

This is a free Paintbox pattern, available on LoveCrochet, though of course I had my own take on things – not least because my shades were different! It’s meant to be a rainbow of sorts. Or shall we just say it’s fiesta-inspired? I don’t really know or much care: I love the result regardless.

It’s not quite finished if I’m honest. My friend Pippa donated a piece of interfacing for the base and this needs fixing in place. But it’s nearly there. ­čÖé

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Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK

Paintbox Yarns is a fairly new brand, only available from LoveCrochet. It comes as acrylic in DK, Aran and Chunky weights, and Cotton as DK. All weights come in a very generous array of shades, from soft pastels to eye-popping brights and a nice choice of neutrals.

I originally bought several skeins of Cotton DK for a blanket project. However, the yarn is quite a fine DK and not really suitable for such a big projects. So it sat on my shelves waiting for me to find a better use.

When I did start hooking, I fell in love almost immediately. Some cotton yarns can be quite harsh on your hands, but Paintbox Cotton DK is soft to the touch while keeping enough stiffness to make this yarn ideal for home projects such as storage boxes and accessories such as bags (I went for the latter.)

It’s not┬ámercerised, which gives it a lovely, natural look and means it slips off your hook rather than slide as I find┬ámercerised cotton does. This makes it very easy to work with, especially for those with hand or wrist problems like myself. It crochets fine with a 4mm hook, though I did find that it split occasionally when using a 3.5mm one.

All in all, I highly recommend Paintbox’s Cotton DK and am looking forward to trying their other ranges.

Something A Bit Different

Yesterday the postman brought me two goodies – my monthly subscriptions of Simply Crochet and Mollie Makes. There’s nothing this crafty girl loves more than poring over projects and planning which to do!

This month’s Mollie Makes comes with a weaving kit. I’ve not done any weaving since art class at school, though weaving is something I’ve been looking at on and off over the past year. Manchester was home to many weaving factories and being a regular attendant to MOSI, it’s impossible to be unaware of this heritage. Of course, I’ve neither the room nor the money for a loom as massive as the ones on display at the museum, but still; the idea has never been far from my mind. So the inclusion of the kit was something of a delight.

And oh what fun I had! Me being me, I immediately dismissed the pattern given and went with my own idea. Simply Crochet is all about tribal patterns this month and I think I might have been subconsciously inspired by that. Or because I’ve been looking at African prints to get ideas for my next crochet project. Whatever the reason, I’m very pleased with the results. I’ve already found a tub to sort longer yarn ends for my next weaving project, so this won’t be the last post about it!

Bunny Lovey!

One project ticked off the list!

This little bunny lovely has been made for my granddaughter-to-be.
The free pattern is by Amy Ramnarine, and I used Stylecraft Special DK
in White, Apricot, and Duck Egg.

I used strands of black and red yarn to sew on the face.

All laid out. ­čÖé


Too Many Projects!

Just three of the many, many projects I have going on.

I’ve never met a crochet pattern I didn’t like, to the point that this post could also be titled “LET’S MAKE ALL THE THINGS!” Seriously; I have an entire folder of pattern PDFs on my flash drive, and have started a second. I’ve a folder on my bookmarks bar and had to create another for “WIPs” with the intention I’ll see to the things I’ve started before downloading anything else.

Since that doesn’t seem to be working, I’m writing this post for two reasons. The first is to get a definitive list of Projects In Progress. The second is, that by listing everything for everyone to see, I might shame myself into finishing stuff instead of starting it.

Projects In Progress

  • Demelza by Catherine Bligh (roughly a third done)
  • Carousel by Sue Pinner (halfway?)
  • Around the Bases by┬áChiChi Allen and others (I have no idea)
  • Candy Twist Hexaround by Julie Yeager (no idea)
  • Moorland Blanket by Lucy@Attic24 (still on week one!)
  • Blooming Cushion by Lucy@Attic24 (halfway through one side)
  • Baby Angel Wing by Sue Pinner (first part)
  • Sophie’s Universe by Dedri Uys (on part 4)
  • Woodland Pixie Hood by Hannah Cross (barely started)
  • Baby Neat Ripple by Lucy@Attic24 (done about two inches)
  • Cushion – Circle to Square by Shelley Husband (needs last round and sewing up)
  • Bunny Lovey (just needs sewing up)
  • I think that’s everything!

Projects in Mind

Then, of course, there’s all the ideas for original patterns that are buzzing around my head! This list is vague because spoilers, sweetie.

  • Beanie #1 (actually nearly done)
  • Hearts blanket (main part written, crocheting the sample, plus needs a border)
  • Beanie #2 (waiting on a yarn release)
  • Batik Blossoms (ditto)
  • Summer-themed blanket (have yarn and basic idea, just need to make)
  • Untitled blanket – this might be a CAL, oooh!
  • This list is complete as of the 19th of February, 2017

Obviously, PIMs┬áthat I don’t have yarn for will have to wait until I do. I know one is due for release any day and that’s a quick pattern that shouldn’t take me more than a couple of days to sort out. What’ll take longer is the sample for the summer blanket and I’m thinking I might have left that too long for this year? Maybe I should just get on with it….

Except I’ve personal makes that really do have a time limit on – the Baby Angel Wing and Baby Ripple are both being made for as part of #ProjectGrandchild, and she’s due end of May. As excited as I am about bringing new patterns to the blog, the little one has to come first, folks. I’m sure you understand. ­čÖé

Still, the latest idea to bite is exciting me no end. This is a long-term project that’s going to take time and effort to bring to fruition. I’m not too fussed about that. I would like it to be a CAL but I need a wider audience for something like that. Though creating will also bring in a bigger audience. You can see I’ve a lot to consider! Perhaps I ought to worry about creating the blanket and getting the pattern down first.

And maybe, just maybe, ticking a few of those PIPs off to boot!